Tired of Bad Audio Quality from Voice Talent?
By: Agent 99 (Voice Over Agent)

As an agent, it’s a little like being an American Idol judge. Every day I get demos from voice actors. This can be up and coming talent or those who have been in the business for years looking to expand. One of the first things I look at is the audio. Why? It’s simple. My clients expect quality audio and I won’t put my name on an actor with a bad studio set up. I require my team to have awesome studios! It’s amazing to me how many actors don’t seem to realize how important it is.

My clients request or should I say demand quality audio and I think it’s in part due to the multitude of voice talent that are sending either auditions or final product with bad audio. Even road gear needs to be top notch. Auditions are like your resume. If you want the job, you need to put your best foot forward from the start. If you can imagine a producer wading through thousands of auditions they are going to quickly pass on listening to those with audio issues. It’s not worth their time. So how many auditions have you sent with bad audio? If you’re wondering why you don’t get call backs, that’s it.

Think about hiring a sound engineer. They can help with set up, room noise, damping, what mic is best suited to your voice and more. This should be a must for your business if you are truly ready to be a professional voice talent. Even the most experienced voice actors have to call in an engineer ever so often to check things out or to help with new equipment.

Some people get into this business because they assume it’s easy and not expensive. Just have a laptop and away you go. Not so! An actor needs to invest in a voice coach. It’s so important to understand timing, delivery and tone. Remember you are being hired to represent a business and sell product. A mono-tone or flat voice delivery is not going to do that, which means you won’t be hired again. Once training is complete then the studio needs attention. It might even take a loan to get what you need but again if you’re serious, it needs to be done. Can you edit your work well? It’s a must, so if you can’t or aren’t sure how, learn. Think about Mic technique and normalizing to -3db.

Agent 99 brings the high quality studio sound to every project so clients don’t have to mess around with bad audio.


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