Are You Paying More Not Using a Voice Over Talent Agent?
By: Agent 99 (Voice Over Agent)

Are you paying more not using a Voice Over Talent Agent?

Good question. Why is using an agent a big deal

Let’s take a look through the eyes of an agent.

I had a call from a client that was looking for a local market 60 second radio spot that required a couple actors. She had received a quote directly from a voice talent and wanted to see if I could help her as the whole budget was used for that one quote and she still needed to hire another actor. I was able to break the budget apart, complete the project with two actors and fabulous results.
A good agent is one stop shopping when casting directors, producers and clients are looking for auditions and needing a multitude of actors for different or upcoming projects. The list of values is long, starting with the ability to deal with one person on multiple projects and having access to more than one voice actor. An agent knows the actors and can bring insight to style, personality and strengths that will work best for that particular project. Then fine tune a selection of auditions within the guidelines to get excellent choices the first time.

My clients, big or small, love that they can email about an upcoming job and what type of voice actor they are searching for and in 24 hours or less they have a good selection to present to their client all within budget. But there’s more. Sometimes talent doesn’t have a pulse on current rates or may even inflate the rate because of company name without realizing that they have just out priced themselves. I can bring them back to reality. In my world all clients are created equal no matter what the name of the company plus I can work a deal based on volume, longevity or other projects. I actually help many voice actors with their clients behind the scenes.

Selection. Why search every time you need a new voice talent? It’s hard to find qualified talent. As an agent I ask these kinds of questions on a daily basis so the work has already been done for my clients. Do you have a studio? Sound booth? What type of equipment do you have? What type of training do you have? Can you edit your own work? Do you have ISDN, Source Connect or Skype? What is your rate? Do you have a minimum? What is your turn around? All Agent 99 Voice Talent actors are already qualified and meet all criteria that makes it super easy for the client.
Customer Service. The actor’s job is to voice projects, not phone calls and details but as an agent I’m available ASAP for my clients. I can often be a buffer between client and talent solving problems on both sides quickly and easily.

Creative thinking. Sometimes clients need a bit of help with direction and which way to go with a project. I love this part of my job. I am able to bring fresh eyes to a project and suggest ideas that might really bring it to life.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to deal with one person, get great talent every time and handle the details all within your budget? The answer is…yes!

Get a better deal and all the bennies call, Agent 99 for over 2000 voice actors and knock your socks of customer service to make your life easier!


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