How to Make Your Voice-Over Talent Website User-Friendly for Producers
By: Debbie Grattan (Pro Female Voice Over Talent)

Producers looking for voice-over talent are likely to review dozens of different VO websites while searching for the perfect voice for their next project. And even if your voice happens to be a perfect fit, they may never know it if your website turns them off from the get-go.

In order to keep producers lingering long enough to see what you’re all about, you need to create a professional site that gives producers everything they need to quickly and easily assess your talent. You can do this by thinking of your site as a jigsaw puzzle, one that contains a number of different pieces that fit together to create a comprehensive and producer-friendly whole.

Rapid Page Loading Speed

Little Piece with Huge Impact

Page loading speed may seem like a small matter, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to encouraging producers to stick around and browse your site. Nearly 50 percent of internet users expect a site to load in two seconds or fewer, and they’ll actually jump ship if it’s not loaded within three seconds.

Your aim here is to make your website pages load as fast as possible, and you can check your page loading speed with a number of online tools. Some even pinpoint issues that are slowing your site down so you can correct them and amp up the loading speed.

Home Page Essentials

Central Piece with Multiple Mini-Pieces  

Your home page is the central piece of the puzzle, and it needs to contain several crucial mini-pieces for the greatest results. A number of these mini-pieces must appear “above the fold,” or on the top half of the home page where typical viewers spend 80 percent of their home page time.

Home page pieces can include:

  • Demos, to give producers what they’re looking for and care about the most. So make them extremely accessible, easy to play and downloadable if desired. In addition to putting access to demos on your home page, create a separate Demos Page that’s completely devoted to all your demos.
  • Brand logo to give producers an instant way to recognize your business
  • Photo to literally give your business a friendly face
  • Simple navigation to make it easy and intuitive to browse your site; use dropdown menus for sections that can include About, Demos, Contact and a Blog area
  • Contact info to encourage producers to contact you
  • Brief, keyword-rich explainer copy to quickly sum up your top selling points
  • Video to cater to today’s video-loving crowd while showcasing your VO video skills
  • Testimonials to feature feedback from customers who love your work; add a few to your home page with a link to separate web page featuring a larger selection of reviews and testimonials

Keywords and Phrases

Small Pieces that Draw in Visitors

Search engine optimization is a must for websites to ensure producers and other voice-seekers can actually find you. Do some thinking and research on keywords, selecting those that best suit what people would be searching for to find your site. In addition to keywords and phrases on your home page, you’ll want to sprinkle keyword phrases throughout your site after mapping out and creating a strategy for their optimum use.

Call-to-Action Buttons and Contact Forms

Corner Pieces that Connect Visitors to You

Just as important as connecting all your website pieces together is ensuring website visitors can connect directly to you. Place CTA buttons and forms in areas that encourage their use, like on your demo page, at the bottom of blog posts and on landing pages. Both elements make it incredibly easy for people to immediately contact you to request a quote, audition, information – or outright hire you for their job.

Bio/About Page

Main Piece that Provides Strong Foundation

Once people like your voice, many may want to learn a little bit about your background to make sure you’re a real pro. Your About section and testimonials work together to provide a strong foundation of professionalism and credibility.

Clients Page

Detailed Piece that Enhances Picture

Listing the clients you’ve worked with over your career gives visitors even more details into your work history, enhancing the overall picture of your career. This piece is important enough to merit its very own page, which can be an item on the drop-down menu under your About section.

Studio Specs Page

Colorful Side Piece

Dedicating a page to your professional studio setup not only reinforces how easy it would be to work with you, but it adds another layer of professionalism and credibility to your business. Feel free to get as detailed as you wish, listing equipment and the benefits it brings to your work and your clients.

Landing Pages

Pieces Featuring Specific Niches

Landing pages are ideal for addressing your specific market niches. Each landing page can provide a rundown on your background and expertise in each niche, along with a few demos in each category. Landing pages are good places to include keywords, and they’re also excellent for helping clients dial right into the exact type of service they’re seeking.

Blog Section

Ever-Growing Piece that Serves Multiple Purposes

Regularly writing and publishing blog posts is a must in today’s content marketing arena, and doing so serves several important functions. Consistent blogging:

  • Keeps your site fresh and relevant
  • Gives readers a chance to get to know you better
  • Boosts your SEO efforts through use of keywords and phrases
  • Allows you to share perspectives, expertise and solutions to common problems

Unlike finished jigsaw puzzles some folks glue together and hang on the wall, your website should be constantly evolving. Our first voice-over website was published in 1999, and significant revisions have ensured it looks nothing like the fourth version of our site we’re on now.

Creating and maintaining a well-optimized and user-friendly site is an ongoing process that requires constant awareness and regular assessment. While the main pieces of the puzzle may largely stay the same, you definitely want to keep each piece updated and relevant so it continues to do its job while effectively contributing to the overall whole.


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